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No Beef Without Bees

By Kate Rasmussen | Jun 17, 2021

As a part of their latest Kickstarter ( http://e.fnd.to/carnivorebarII ), The Carnivore Bar is coming out with a new bar made with raw honey! To celebrate this new option in the Carnivore Bar line up, we’re going to explore what pollinators are up against and what we can do about it. Keeping with the Carnivore…

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How Different are Grass-Finished and Grain-Finished Beef?

By Kate Rasmussen | Jun 7, 2021

The modern industrial food chain has provided us with an abundance of red meat products to choose from. Rows of shrink-wrapped red meat line the grocery store cooler and, unlike most food packaging, often lack the “our story” brand literature on the label. We’re left to assume that if the product is affordable and doesn’t…

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Kickstarter Update: Don’t Quit.

By The Carnivore Bar | Feb 3, 2020

We have a rule in our family. I thought it was dumb at the time. Don’t quit. You can do any after-school program, enroll in any sport you want, do whatever you want to do. But if you start a season, a club, a play…whatever it is, you finish it.  I thought that was a pretty arbitrary…

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Kickstarter Update: Merry Christmas!

By The Carnivore Bar | Dec 25, 2019

Merry Christmas, Backers! The good news is that many of you have gotten your rewards before Christmas! The bad news is that some of you did not… We made, packaged, and shipped as many rewards as we were able to before heading off for Christmas. Today Mikey our head chef is spending his Christmas with…

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Kickstarter Update: Everything You Do Matters.

By The Carnivore Bar | Dec 3, 2019

“There’s a deep idea in the west, pick up your damn suffering, and bear It! And try and be a good person, so you don’t make it worse. Well that’s a truth, you know. … Life is Suffering. Yes! Well who wants to admit that? Well just think about it- so what do you do…

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Kickstarter Update: The Structure of Value.

By The Carnivore Bar | Oct 2, 2019

The Structure of Value First let’s talk about the structure of our timeline. We’ve experienced some delays in our production schedule as you all are aware. However a break down of what we’ve been doing and our timeline might be helpful for evaluating whether or not you think that’s a good or bad thing.  All things…

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Kickstarter Update: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

By The Carnivore Bar | Sep 10, 2019

 It was the first day of combat medic training when I first heard those words “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. I had no idea how profoundly they’d affect me across time. We had put away our EMT textbooks, pulled out our tourniquets and TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) Cards and headed off to the…

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Kickstarter Update: We have a delay….. Good.

By The Carnivore Bar | Jul 16, 2019

We have had a lot of opportunities to grow and to learn this month. Fans of Jocko Willink will understand what I mean by that. Long story short, the idea is that you face the challenges ahead of you, standing up straight with your shoulders back, and look at the positive aspect of your “problems” and redefine them…

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Kickstarter Update: Shirts are shipped!!!

By The Carnivore Bar | Jun 4, 2019

Thank you all for your patience! You should have received emails confirming your addresses a week ago and this is why. I’ve sent all your shirts to you. You should all receive your shirts this month. Some of the international orders will take some time to get to you.  Currently we are on schedule to…

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