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Kickstarter Update: Funding and next steps.

By The Carnivore Bar | May 12, 2019

Hi everyone! OK so I thought I would write up a quick update for you all. The month of the Kickstarter was really uplifting to see that so many people wanted us to succeed. We pushed hard to try and be as responsive as possible on this platform, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thank you all…

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Kickstarter Update: Thank you!! Surveys coming soon!

By The Carnivore Bar | Apr 12, 2019

Hi everyone!!  Thank you for making our project a reality! A few things need to happen before we can kick off production and fulfillment. First, Kickstarter needs to transfer over the funds so we can purchase everything we need to fulfill the rewards – if any info has changed with your card since you pledged, please…

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Kickstarter Update: Time’s almost up! My Story.

By The Carnivore Bar | Apr 10, 2019

Hey everyone,  We’re in the last few hours of the Kickstarter. Thank you all so much! We were blown away by the community support helping us spreading the word! We’re so excited to bring this product to market. Merry Ellen and I can’t wait till our own pantry has a little stockpile of these bars.…

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Kickstarter Update: How the Carnivore Bar is Different from Jerky, Epic Bar, & Pemmican.

By The Carnivore Bar | Apr 8, 2019

Hi everyone, We’ve been getting a lot of questions from the community about how The Carnivore Bar is different from jerky, The Epic Bar, or pemmican. We’ve also been getting requests to show the texture of the bar more up-close, so we did.  This originally appeared on Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Updates: We’re Funded! Thank You!

By The Carnivore Bar | Apr 4, 2019

Wow, we’re fully funded! Thank You! We are so excited to be able to bring this project to market, and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Extra special thanks to Mikhaila & Jordan Peterson for helping us spread the word. It’s amazing to see this coming full circle, because…

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Kickstarter Update: About Us, Why We’re Doing This, & Other Awesome Things You Should Know About!

By The Carnivore Bar | Mar 29, 2019

Hey everyone!  We’ve been getting lots of questions about who we are and why we are creating The Carnivore Bar, so we’d thought we’d tell you a little about our story in a video. Basically, how we met, our health journey, and why we were inspired to do this Kickstarter for The Carnivore Bar. By…

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Kickstarter Update: Carnivore Feedback Response and our People-First Philosophy.

By The Carnivore Bar | Mar 23, 2019

It has come to our attention that many long-term Carnivores don’t salt their food, as well as prefer the taste and affordability of grain-fed beef. So, in an effort to support as many Carnivores as possible, we are introducing grain-fed and salt-free variations on The Carnivore Bar, expanding our initial offering to four distinct versions…

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Kickstarter Update: Obstacles & Solutions.

By The Carnivore Bar | Mar 15, 2019

Hey Supporters, I wanted to update you all that the oxidation problem with our sample batch, has been identified. With our last update, we mentioned this problem and the 3 steps were going to take to fix this problem: Oxygen absorbers, strict timelines, and quality checks. I wanted to continue in the spirit of 100%…

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Kickstarter Update: Low Carb Denver After Action Review.

By The Carnivore Bar | Mar 11, 2019

We are 23% funded – thank you all so much!  Seems like one tweet from Mikhaila Peterson is all the momentum we needed to get this off the ground! Thank you Mikhaila, we’re so glad you like it! We basically designed this bar around her version of the Carnivore Diet. Figured if she can eat it it’s…

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