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The ancestral way of eating has transformed many lives as it’s been brought back to light and acknowledged across mainstream platforms, giving hope to those suffering from chronic illness or those simply looking to better their health. Eating like your ancestors means getting back in touch with an intentional way of life. Eating like your ancestors also means eating the way nature intended us to, and is the diet our bodies have thrived on over millions of years – prior to the rapid industrialization and introduction of highly palatable, ultra-processed foods we have come to known on the Standard American Diet (SAD).

In this article, we are going to explore everything about the ancestral way of eating and why exactly it works, so those who are ready to start their carnivore journey can confidently do so!

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We’re throwing it back to the basics today by introducing you to one of nature’s best gifts to humans – tallow! 

This ingredient is fundamental to our products, being one of the two primary ingredients that creates our high-quality, nutrient-dense, shelf-stable bars. Outside of our product, tallow may not come to the top of your mind with other practical applications in our modern day. Sure, it’s a superior form of beef fat that has many health benefits, but exactly why it’s fundamental to our health as humans, and integrating it into our daily living is what we are going to uncover for you in this article.

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Everyone and everything from the Green New Deal Guidelines singling out red meat as a major climate change culprit, to world-renowned body-builder and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger’s claiming his plant-based diet is the best thing for his health, it seems that raising and eating less meat is the way forward.

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In this article, we break down the origins story of the original North American survival food: Pemmican.

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We’ve experienced some delays in our production schedule as you all are aware. However a break down of what we’ve been doing and our timeline might be helpful for evaluating whether or not you think that’s a good or bad thing. 

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Why is this bar different from Pemmican? How much does each bar/box cost? What's in each bar? Get all of your Carnivore Bar questions answered!

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