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For those who’d like to try out The Carnivore Bar before buying a whole box, our Sample Pack is for you! Each pack includes 1 of each variation of the Carnivore Bar (Grain/salted, Grain/unsalted, Grass/salted, Grass/unsalted). There’s a big difference between the taste of the Grain-finished and the Grass-finished bars, try them to find out for yourself!

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Available both domestically and internationally.

At The Carnivore Bar, we feel called to fulfill our function as a shelf-stable, nutrient-dense food that can be a lifeline in a wide variety of situations. We’ve been closely looking at the reality of the current events happening in the world, the potential state of the future, and we’re taking action by providing you with sustainable nutrition on a larger scale. Introducing…the Carnivore Sample Pack.

The supply pack includes 4 Carnivore Bars (1 of each variation)

Our grain-finished beef is USDA certified. Many long-term Carnivores don’t salt their food, so we have added the option for salted or unsalted bars. 

*One of the reasons that Carnivore Bars are the ideal food product to have on hand for any situation is because of their shelf-stability. While we don’t officially have an exact “expiration date” for the bars, we’re in the process of assessing their shelf-life in order to have some definite numbers to give out. But, we’re attempting to prove 25 years and we feel that they could potentially last even longer. Like pemmican, Carnivore Bars are naturally shelf-stable due to the absence of moisture left in the meat of the finished product, which we test with a water activity meter for each batch. Additionally, to reduce risks of oxidation we use specialized wrappers that don’t allow for oxygen or moisture to enter into the product, which would cause food spoilage.

However, please note that Carnivore Bars WILL be slightly softer in warmer weather, but this just means that there are ZERO fillers or preservatives used. The shelf-life of the bars are not affected by temperature as a result of the technology we use to make them. Feel free to throw them in the fridge, or enjoy them at room temperature. We promise they’re delicious either way! 


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