Carnivore Food Pyramid Shirt


Show off your love of high-quality, all-natural, sustainably sourced, one of a kind, The Carnivore Bar!


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This cotton-poly blend t-shirt is super soft and comfortable and comes in sizes XS through XXXL. The front side of the shirt has The Carnivore Bar food pyramid image across the chest, with our ‘EAT MEAT’ motto printed below. The back has The Carnivore Bar logo on the nape of the neck. All shirts are black with white ink print. 

This t-shirt is perfect for the meat-lover, keto connoisseur, carnivore, health hero, farmer, health coach, meat mom, provision pop, or basically, anyone! By purchasing The Carnivore Bar Food Pyramid T-shirt you are supporting healthy and sustainable diets, as well as the farmers, employees, and dedicated world-changers who put so much love and hard work into creating this keto-friendly bar. 

The Carnivore Bar came into being because we saw a real need in the low carb, ancestral eating, and carnivore communities, for a more reliable way to eat while traveling and on-the-go. Created by Phillip Meece, a veteran with a background as a combat medic for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, because one of the most difficult parts of his deployment was lack of access to quality nutrition. 

We believe that the human body functions at its apex when fueled by ancestral, animal-based nutrition. We believe that shelf-stable food does not have to be “junk food” and we use simple ingredients with cutting-edge science instead of fillers and preservatives. We believe you shouldn’t have to be chained to your kitchen in order to feel and perform your best.

Thank you to everyone who has made The Carnivore Bar a reality. Your feedback and support have made us who we are today, and we are 100% committed to this amazing community. Eat meat!

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