Grain-Finished Box

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  • Each box includes twelve (12) bars
  • 400 calorie on-the-go meal replacement bar
  • 17g Protein (1.7g Iron)
  • High fat (37g) to maintain your energy through ketosis
  • No need for refrigeration
  • The perfect combination of crunchy and creamy texture
  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients


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Our grain-finished beef is USDA certified. Many long-term Carnivores don’t salt their food, so we have added the option for salted or unsalted bars. 


The Carnivore bar is an all-beef bar meant to be used as a meal replacement or snack. With 400 calories in every bar, this is the perfect option for an on-the-go meal. Specifically designed to be travel friendly, healthy, and keto-friendly, The Carnivore Bar does not require refrigeration, so it’s ideal for hiking, camping, road trips, or any kind of travel. 

Because some people don’t like the flavor of grass-finished beef or are prohibited by cost, we offer this grain-fed option. Though we believe that using regenerative farming practices to restore the soil and repair the environment is a very important mission, we realize that by lowering the cost and making it more palatable to some preferences, we can overcome some of the barriers of entry to this way of eating. 

We hope to eventually convince everyone that a grass-fed and grass-finished product is the best defense against the vegan agenda, but we aim to support people on whatever low carb or ancestral journey they find themselves. Our goal is to get a travel-friendly product into the hands of people who struggle with the logistics of doing these diets on the go.  

Our specially sourced all-natural, high-quality ingredients are formulated into the perfect combination of a crunchy and creamy texture, making it not only healthy but satisfying to eat. Whether you’re on a keto diet, carnivore diet, or just want a healthy option to add to your knapsack, The Carnivore Bar is the only bar of its kind and when you eat one you will feel the difference.



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3 reviews for Grain-Finished Box

  1. Ken Salinger

    I’m a huge fan of the Carnivore Bars and they’ve become a daily staple of my diet. I’ve been carnivore for close to two years and it’s really helped with my autoimmune condition. My wife and I both prefer New York Steaks to the fattier ribeye, so supplementing with Carnivore Bars has really helped with my fat intake and taken my healing to a new level! I typically have 2 carnivore bars for breakfast (along with liverwurst), and I’ll often have a 3rd if I’m still hungry after my afternoon steaks. I’m the healthiest I’ve been since I was first diagnosed 20 years ago, and believe that the Carnivore Bars have really taken my healing to the next level! Thank you for making such a fabulous product. They’re delicious!

  2. David Stevens (verified owner)

    I love this product. Perfect for the health conscious carnivore with limited meal options at the workplace.

  3. Sylvain Dunn (verified owner)

    I like the carnivore bar and have been ordering for the past 2 years. I’m from Canada so they dont come cheap after the exchange rate, shipping and duties costs. Nevertheless, the bars are a great option when necessary so I always make sure I have some in the pantry. I mainly use them when I play golf.

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