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Hi everyone!

It has come to our attention that many long-term Carnivores don't salt their food, as well as prefer the taste and affordability of grain-fed beef. So, in an effort to support as many Carnivores as possible, we are introducing grain-fed and salt-free variations on The Carnivore Bar, expanding our initial offering to four distinct versions of the bar: 

I personally think using regenerative farming practices to restore the soil and repair the environment is a very important mission. But I think people's needs are more important than the planet's. We received feedback from Low Carb Denver that some carnivores really don't like grass-finished beef. Then there's the issue of cost. If I can overcome some of the barriers of entry to this way of eating, by lowering the cost and making it more palatable, I have to do it. I feel morally compelled to put people first.

Additionally it appears that in order to have broad enough appeal to launch, we needed to offer a salted version for the newbies and a no-salt version for the veterans. I prefer mine with salt personally but don't have a strong opinion either way on the science. 

I hope I can eventually convince people that a grass-fed and grass-finished product is the best defense against the vegan agenda. However, I won't push my beliefs on anyone else. My aim is to support people on whatever low carb or ancestral journey they find themselves. Thank you for helping us get a travel-friendly product into the hands of people who struggle with the logistics of doing these diets on the go.

We will send all backers a survey at the end of the Kickstarter, where you can let us know which version of the bar you'd like, along with your shirt size. The grain-fed bars will eventually be cheaper, but for the purpose of the fundraiser, as well as to support the costs of offering different versions, the grain-fed bars will available at the same tiers as the grass-fed bars. 

Thank you for your feedback. We will always put the community first.

- Phillip Meece

PS. Thank you for watching and sharing our video! It has over 18k views! CJ from New Picture Studios did an amazing job putting it together. He's done a lot of great work for food allies like U.S. Wellness MeatsSoil Health Academy, and Grass-fed Exchange

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