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All About The Carnivore Bar

Learn all about The Carnivore Bar nutrition, sourcing, and comparison to other bars below.

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Here at The Carnivore Bar, we provide a fuel source for ancestral, carnivore, paleo, and keto eaters who value their on-the-go autonomy, without sacrificing quality nutrition.

The Carnivore Bar provides our community with the freedom to travel, explore, or thrive on their busy work schedules without having to worry about readily-available, high-fat meal replacement options.

  • Full ingredient lists for all Carnivore Bar variations:
  • Salted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, Redmond Real Salt®
  • Unsalted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow
  • Zesty Garlic: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, Pluck organ seasoning, Redmond Real Salt®
  • Honey salted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, raw honey, Redmond Real Salt®
  • Honey unsalted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, raw honey
  • Honey BBQ: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, raw honey, Pluck organ seasoning, Redmond Real Salt®
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  • Congruent with ancestral eating
  • Satiating enough to replace a meal on the go
  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives or fillers
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Grass-fed, grass-finished, American-sourced beef
  • Hyper-digestible, no bloating
  • Shelf stable

The carnivore bar

Comparable travel bars

Unique composition: modern-day version of pemmican

Typical protein bars or jerky-style snacks

High fat, high protein, full meal replacement bars with 400 calories

High protein, on-the-go snack options, lacking enough fat to be satiating enough to replace a full meal, usually between 100 to 200 calories

Lasts a lifetime*, WITHOUT fillers and preservatives (non-GMO and GF); ideal for emergencies or long-term reserves

May only last up to one year, and almost always has fillers, preservatives, or inflammatory spices and herbs

Shelf stable and portable, compact enough to take on any trip, including air travel

Also shelf stable and portable, must carry higher quantity for same amount of calories as a Carnivore Bar

Creamy and crunchy in texture, and comes in salt, no salt, and salt + honey options

May be chewy and tough, due to the lean nature of high protein snacks, and come in a variety of options

American sourced grass-fed, grass-finished beef, sourced from regenerative ranch, Joyce Farms

Often not grass-finished, uses an inferior protein source, or beef sourced from across the world to get to you

Provides travel freedom and autonomy for true carnivores, ancestral eaters, and every carnivore-adjacent community without compromise

Not ideal for carnivores with strict dietary needs, or individuals in other health conscious communities

Unparalleled flavored beef sourced from Joyce Farms, who uses genetics and regenerative ranching practices to create a unrivaled flavor originally developed for east coast high-end restaurants

Good ecology doesn’t mean good eating - it’s an unfortunate fact that most grass-finished beef has a distinctly gamey flavor that isn’t the most palatable

*The Carnivore Bar has a theoretically indefinite shelf-life, and we are on our way to proving 25 years.

Our Sourcing: Grass-finished Beef from Joyce Farms

The secret to a delish tasting Carnivore Bar lies in the regenerative ranching raising and genetic profile of the heritage Aberdeen Angus from Joyce Farms. This gives their beef an unparalleled flavor unlike any other grass-finished beef you’ll ever taste. These cattle thrive on grass-finishing practices to sequester carbon, improve their foraging land, and provide an ancestrally optimal nutrition profile that meet the expectations of the modern taste palette.

During the manufacturing process of The Carnivore Bar, we dry the grass-finished beef so that there is barely any water left in it. This makes the flavor of the beef extremely concentrated and any slight variations in the meat are amplified within the flavor of the bar.

The Carnivore Bar is perfect for:

  • Carnivores on the go
  • Ancestral, paleo, keto, and animal-based eaters
  • Busy families looking for healthy fuel
  • Outdoor adventurers and cross-country or internationals travellers
  • Ideal for emergencies or long-term storage

Ancestral Living

Our bars are made to be congruent with ancestral eating and living. Find out more about this way of life with some of our featured blogs below.