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Explore articles on ancestral eating, the carnivore diet, regenerative ranching, carnivore diet snacks, and of course, The Carnivore Bar updates.

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Ancel Keys and Saturated Fat: Research Revisiting The Role of Lipids In A Modern Healthy Diet

Is saturated fat bad after all? Today we look at a recent study addressing the role of saturated fatty acids in human health introduces a fresh perspective on the topic.

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Recognizing Weston A. Price: The Man Behind The Ancestral Health Movement

Weston A. Price was a nutritionist who developed ancestral health principles that have influenced nutrition and health. His theories and methods are noteworthy.

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Uncovering The Dark Underbelly of the American Beef Industry

Four companies control 85% of the beef you see at the grocery store. Here is what this means for your health.

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