SPC Carrill on the benefits of Carnivore Bar while in the Army

SPC Carrill

The Benefits of the Carnivore Bar While in the Army

As a future med student interested in preventative care, I knew I'd need to alter my diet while training for the military. Field chow, MRE's, and even the dining facilities lack options for soldiers wishing to eat a natural diet full of meat and animal fats. You can smell the canola spray the second you walk through the DFAC doors.

This is why I learned my lesson after basic training and prior to AIT put in a massive order for Carnivore Bars. I wasn't trying to have glorious meals or anything, just wanted to make it through training while eating real food. Anybody who has been through TRADOC knows that your body is going to suffer. I averaged about 4-5 hours of sleep on good nights, meaning nights without fireguard shifts. However, there were many nights where I only managed an hour, or none at all. The PT was brutal, the training was stressful, etc.

Miracles of The Carnivore Bar

Through all the BS military training puts you through, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was my body up for the task, but my mind was sharp as can be. I passed every assessment first-go with ease, including the written assessment. During one of Bravo companies toughest pt days (carwash hill), I felt energy reserves I've never felt before. My gas tank felt endless. I had never felt this during basic training when relying on the food the army provided for me.

The point I'm making is that if you ever needed a guinea pig to test physical and mental readiness in a military environment on nothing but Carnivore Bars (literally just meat, fat, and salt) during an 8 week long rigourous MOS training, you've got one... and those bars kick ass. I was a carnivore before training and will continue to be a carnivore now that I'm done.

- SPC Carrill (88M, 948th TC CO Seaport Ops)

SPC Carrill
SPC Carrill

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