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Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Carnivore Bar different from pemmican?

  • Better texture, like a crunchy granola bar made of meat.
  • Shelf Stable with a higher quality preservation of nutrients.
  • Solid and bar form at room temperature (not soft). And therefore not a mess!

Ultimately we are not sad we are getting this question a lot. Pemmican is great and is a terrific 16th century food. We are trying to modernize and bring the same idea up to date with better processing and care. So you can have ancient nutrition with the convenience of modern life.

What's in each bar?

Beef, tallow, and options including salt, no-salt, and salt + honey. A lot of meat gets condensed into each bar. Each bar contains the equivalent of an 6oz Ribeye steak with 80 percent of the calories from fat and 20 percent of the calories from protein. So basically a steak you can put in your pocket and take with you anywhere. Each bar is slightly more protein than fat by volume, giving the bar a delightful crunch that we've engineered mechanically, without having to add anything chemical or unnatural that might upset our digestion. The weight of each bar is roughly 56 grams, making it approximately 400 calories per bar. Check out the full anatomy of The Carnivore Bar here!

What is the average internal temperature the beef reaches during manufacturing?

The internal temperature we reach during the cooking process is 160°F - 170°F. (71°C - 77°C).  145°F is the minimum temperature required by USDA. We want to have a healthy margin, but we don't want to bake all the vitamins out of the bar either. This high heat also enables us to deliver an exceptional shelf life.

What if my bars are melted?

First and foremost, the bars are still good! Although they WILL be slightly softer in warmer weather, this just means that there are ZERO fillers or preservatives used. The shelf-life of the bars are not affected by temperature as a result of the technology we use to make them. Feel free to throw them in the fridge or enjoy them at room temperature, we promise they're delicious either way!

When do the bars expire?

Although we don't officially have an exact "expiration date" for the bars, we're in the process of assessing their shelf-life in order to have some definite numbers to give out. But, we're attempting to prove 25 years. Like pemmican, Carnivore Bars are naturally shelf stable due to the absence of moisture left in the meat of the finished product, which we test with a water activity meter for each batch. Additionally, to reduce risks of oxidation we use specialized wrappers that don't allow for oxygen or moisture to enter into the product, which would cause food spoilage.   

Do you ship to my country?

If you are located outside the USA and are a VIP or Carnivore for Life Kickstarter backer OR you have an established relationship with The Carnivore Bar - we will attempt to make every effort to specialty ship your items, but we will not be accepting new international customers because too many of our packages are being returned under the increased scrutiny of COVID-19 and global food shipping. 

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