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Carnivore Bar, 1-Bar Sample

$14.99 USD
For those who want to sample a Carnivore Bar before ordering a larger box, this is for you! Each order includes one Carnivore Bar of your choice. Our high-fat meal replacement bars are made of regeneratively-raised, grass-fed, & grass-finished beef. The Carnivore Bar provides the ultimate freedom and autonomy for carnivores and those alike who are on the move. Free shipping is included for all 1-bar samples!
  • Perfect for giving on-the-go autonomy and freedom for meat lovers, keto carnivores, ancestral eaters, and everyone in-between
  • Meal replacement bar with 400-420 calories of grass-fed, grass-finished superior meat from Joyce Farms
  • Shelf-stable, no need for refrigeration
  • Each bars weighs 2 oz + contains approximately 1/2 pound of dried beef
  • The perfect combination of crunchy and creamy texture
  • The healthiest meal replacement bar out there


  • All honey bars (honey salted, honey unsalted, and honey bbq):
    • Calories: 420
    • Fat: 35g
    • Protein: 20g
    • Carbs: 7g
  • All zero carb bars (salted, unsalted, and zesty garlic):
    • Calories: 400
    • Fat: 35g
    • Protein: 20g
    • Carbs: 0g


  • Zero carb bars:
    • Salted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, Redmond Real Salt®
    • Unsalted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow
    • Zesty Garlic: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, Pluck organ seasoning, Redmond Real Salt®
  • Animal based bars:
    • Honey salted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, raw honey, Redmond Real Salt®
    • Honey unsalted: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, raw honey
    • Honey BBQ: Grass-finished beef, grass-finished tallow, raw honey, Pluck organ seasoning, Redmond Real Salt®


Currently only available in USA.

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Refunds are not available on single bar purchases. For all other purchases, we offer full refunds upon return of items. Please contact us for details on how to complete the return and more on the refund process.

The Carnivore BarComparable Travel Bars
Unique composition: modern-day version of pemmicanTypical protein bars or jerky-style snacks
High fat, high protein, full meal replacement bars with 400-420 caloriesHigh protein, on-the-go snack options, lacking enough fat to be satiating enough to replace a full meal, usually between 100 to 200 calories 
Lasts a lifetime*, WITHOUT fillers and preservatives (non-GMO and GF); ideal for emergencies or long-term reservesMay only last up to one year, and almost always has fillers, preservatives, or inflammatory spices and herbs
Shelf stable and portable, compact enough to take on any trip, including air travelAlso shelf stable and portable, must carry higher quantity for same amount of calories as a Carnivore Bar
Creamy and crunchy in texture, and comes in salt, no salt, and salt + honey optionsMay be chewy and tough, due to the lean nature of high protein snacks, and come in a variety of options
American sourced grass-fed, grass-finished beef, sourced from regenerative ranch, Joyce FarmsOften not grass-finished, uses an inferior protein source, or beef sourced from across the world to get to you 
Provides travel freedom and autonomy for true carnivores, ancestral eaters, and every carnivore-adjacent community without compromise Not ideal for carnivores with strict dietary needs, or individuals in other health conscious communities 
Unparalleled flavored beef sourced from Joyce Farms, who uses genetics and regenerative ranching practices to create a unrivaled flavor originally developed for east coast high-end restaurantsGood ecology doesn’t mean good eating - it’s an unfortunate fact that most grass-finished beef has a distinctly gamey flavor that isn’t the most palatable

*The Carnivore Bar has a theoretically indefinite shelf-life, and we are on our way to proving 25 years.

carnivore bar community reviews

I love The Carnivore Bar because it’s the perfect ratio of fat and meat on-the-go. Most jerkies and packaged meats have little fat and a lot of additives. The Carnivore Bar has been a main staple in my diet and the only reason I recommend the bars to my community. It’s a savory and crunchy snack or small meal without giving up on quality.

Judy Cho | Nutrition With Judy on

carnivore bar community reviews

The Carnivore Bar is one of the most nutritious, simple, clean-ingredient bars I’ve ever seen. I read A LOT of ingredients labels, I’m always trying to find a healthy snack, (especially when traveling) and The Carnivore Bar’s ingredients label is 10/10 perfect. I prefer the honey salted Carnivore Bar which is a great combo of savory & sweet. This is a great bar for traveling, snacking, and for a meal-on-the-go!

Lillie Kane | Certified Keto Nutrition Health Coach

carnivore bar community reviews

I’m a highly competitive athlete who competes in elite Obstacle Course racing, high intensity strength training, and running. I take on lots of crazy challenges as well, like breaking the Guinness World Record for the Most Chest to Ground Burpees (1 hour for females). Being a high-level athlete, it’s crucial to have good digestion and well sourced ingredients in order to perform well. It’s important to me to not have anything that will sit too long and heavy in my stomach (especially with burpees and running).

When I’m out traveling for races and competitions, sometimes bringing cooked meat can be tricky. Having The Carnivore Bar saves me huge during those times, especially since its shelf stable. It not only saves me time but saves me from all the mental stress of having to prepare meals. I love the crunchiness of the bars and they really are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.

I’m super proud to represent a brand that shares a passion for regenerative agriculture, high-quality, and nutrient dense food. The bars are simple, yet so effective.

Issy Watson | Athlete & Guinness World Record Holder

carnivore bar community reviews

The Carnivore Bar is such a treat! It’s wonderful to have a nutrient-dense snack to grab when I’m in a hurry or if I’m in a situation where I don’t have access to a fridge, like on hikes, a long day out and about, or during airplane rides. I prefer them fresh out of the fridge, but it’s amazing l that they can be consumed at room temperature too. I love being able to eat meat without having to worry about refrigeration. My personal favorites are the salted bar and the honey bar. I’d recommend the salted bar if you’re purely looking for nutrients/fuel and want to stay away from sugar. I’d recommend the honey bar if you want something a little sweeter. The sweetness from the honey was not too overpowering…just enough to enhance the flavor of the beef. The first day I had a honey bar, I actually woke up the next morning and craved another first thing! If you’re looking for a yummy, nutrient-dense, shelf-stable snack, I’d highly recommend giving The Carnivore Bar a try.

Ashley R | Animal-Based Eats on

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02 Sep 2023

Simply delicious

I love the fact that it has simple ingredients. I keep them in the car for extra nutritious food that is available for me always. Satisfaction in a second !!

Sharon H.
United States United States
01 Sep 2023


I love these bars, my second box of 6 of just the salted variety was surprisingly delightful, better than the honey - which were good too, mind you. I love these as a special on the go treat, particularly before a concert, then I don't have to eat at the venue :)

A The Carnivore Bar Customer
James H.
United States United States
01 Sep 2023

Great concept

I really liked the concept behind the carnivore bar. I tried both the Salted Bars and the Honey Salted bars. The Honey Salted bars taste pretty good and it had a good balance of not being too overly sweet. As for the Unsalted bar I don't think its for everyone, but for me I will still buy them because I know the bars only have 3 ingredients. The biggest complaint would be the price per bar. It would also be great if the company comes out with other bars perhaps blackberry or something like Lingonberry

Richard A.
United States United States
01 Sep 2023

Tastes pretty bad

I ordered one of each bar to try them. I ate them all because they are kind of pricey . I did not enjoy them. I wish I did because I am doing animal based pretty consistently and it would be nice to have some more variety and convenience. I just can’t stomach them again m.

Diana D.
United States United States
10 Aug 2023

Yummy - Love the honey unsalted!

I’m so glad that we’re able to buy one-sample bars with free shipping now! I wanted to like these in the past, but really didn’t enjoy the few flavors they had available and didn’t bother repurchasing. A few years later, I’ve come back to try their newest flavors (zesty garlic, honey bbq & honey unsalted) & I absolutely LOVE the honey unsalted! The tiny amount of salt adds a hint of sweetness that isn’t overwhelming, but allows me to stay in ketosis while having a good snack on the go. The salted & seasoned varieties weren’t my favorite at all, but I highly recommend giving honey unsalted a shot!

United States United States