Zero Carb.
High Fat.
Just Meat.

There are several different types of carnivore bars.
find out which one is right for you.

There are several different types of carnivore bars.

find out which one is right for you.

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What is The Carnivore Bar?

Simple, Clean Ingredients

The Carnivore Bar is a high fat meal replacement bar containing only three ingredients: beef, tallow, & salt. We make our bars in a dedicated facility, so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination with allergens.

Shelf Stable Nutrition

At The Carnivore Bar, we modeled our preservation method after Native American pemmican (with a few upgrades) for a reliable and very shelf stable food without any fillers or preservatives.

Convenient & Portable

Whether you're traveling or just busy, it's not always easy to just throw a ribeye in your backpack. The Carnivore Bar is designed to leave you satiated, so you can be on your A-game.

What People Are Saying

"I LOVE these things. Seriously so handy when hungry and traveling. @thecarnivorebar  ❤️️❤️️❤️️"

- Mikhaila Peterson, creator of The Lion Diet & Lions Lair.

"Absolutely the pinnacle of clean snacking and convenience in the carnivore world. In this day and age, when ingredient lists on your average snack bar are over 20 items long, it’s a relief and feels amazing to have the simple three ingredients of beef, tallow, and salt. My only go-to. Thank you Carnivore Bar!"

Rich Northrop, Cardiac/Exercise Physiologist, and Creator of:

"Strict Carnivore - Zero Carb Life" Facebook Group

"Our bars arrived today and we immediately ripped into one. Delighted with how they turned out - meaty, but not overwhelmingly so, salty but not too salty, and absolutely LOVE the crunch. Great addition to work travel. Thank you!!"

- Meg Sauve, Kickstarter Backer & USMC Vet

"@thecarnivorebar knocked it out of the park. They figured out how to bring us a shelf stable bar containing only 2 ingredients. Grass Fed Beef & Salt!

The taste is amazing, and quite unique I might add! It's a bit crunchy, creamy and fatty. The perfect combination.

I've had two bars now and both hit my carnivore taste buds with the satisfaction of knowing there aren't any other garbage ingredients hiding behind the grass fed beef and salt. Pick up a bag of beef jerky and tell me the ingredients!

You all know I hunt, fish and always on the go. If you're as active as I am and want something simple to throw into your day bag, this is going to be it."

- Brandon Scott, @keto.carnivore.king (Instagram)

"😂😂...our kitties want them too....You guys did great, keep up the good work!! Hopefully it reaches lots of people! The product is delicious. Thank you!"

- Melea Perez, Kickstarter Backer

"Are the carnivore bars keto? According to this data, they are!

...Both ketones and glucose hardly budged after eating one bar. That's what we're looking for when we're testing whether something is 'keto' or not. If it keeps you in ketosis, aka your liver remains in the 'fasted' state despite receiving calories, job well done!

As far as the actual bar goes, it was pretty good! Obviously I would prefer my meat fresh off the grill, but the ingredients are literally just grass-fed beef and salt so I'd recommend as a good option for food on the go."


- Kristi Storschuk, @krististors (Instagram)

"Finally, a bar we can actually eat [and] with."

- Dr. Jordan Peterson, bestselling author and speaker

"However many I ordered, I should have doubled it."

- Amber O'Hearn, Researcher & Founder of The Boulder Carnivore Conference.

"As a professional driver, getting healthy food on the road is impossible. That is until #TheCarnivoreBar! Thanks for the hook up....this tastes great!!!!!"

- Ben McCulley, @ben_mcculley (Instagram)

"These are so darn yummy!! I’ve already pre-ordered more. They are perfect for all the cravings I’m having for chocolates and baked goods (my 3 kids are baking up a storm for holiday gifts). Although I’m used to going on a walk, or crafting or something like that when I get the urge to eat for entertainment, I will admit that it is very fun to have food to relish!!!"

- Mechelle Meixner, Kickstarter Backer

"Wow! These bars are simple, satiating, and have a incredible, satisfying crunch. And ingredients I trust from people I trust."

- Michael Garrett, @DirectMDAustin

"High quality product. About 80% fat, 20% protein. Ingredients: grass fed beef and salt. That's it....Has an umami flavor and this crunchy, creamy (almost like pate) flavor and this popcorn semblance. Can't really explain it, you have to try it and see what I mean. But it's a good thing.... Perfect snack to go. "

- Judy Cho, @nutritionwithjudy (Instagram)

"...I was so excited when I first got the chance to try @thecarnivorebar. I had no idea what to expect back then, having never had pemmican; I absolutely loved it and pre-ordered to support this wonderful endeavor... The final product from packaging to taste is of the utmost quality."

- Josh Blackburn,

"Was NOT expecting the texture!!! Amazing....Don't know how ya did it but it's great. Can't wait to take a couple on hiking trips ❤️"

- Craig Craigston, Kickstarter Backer

"...It has two ingredients...beef and salt, which is absolutely amazing.... It has the consistency of fudge, and it's absolutely delicious."

- Nevada Gray, @thepaleopharmacist (Instagram)

"A truly superb bar with crunchy texture, good flavor and effectiveness – ate when hungry and immediately felt that I actually ate a meal. Good stuff."

- Tomasz Strzemecki, Kickstarter Backer

"So I've been trying to pace myself with eating all my Carnivore Bars and I had one just now for the first time in a few weeks. OMG! It was bliss all over again! I absolutely love the flavor and texture.

...The combination of creamy fat and the crunchy dried beef is incredible! It was so smooth and satisfying. I am so impressed!"

- Emily McCulley, @carnivoreminds

"I have received my Carnivore Bars. I love them. I'm a nurse who works in the emergency room. The bars are brilliant. They get me through a shift. I feel great even if I don't have time for lunch. One of your bars is enough to power me through the 12 hour shift. Thanks again!"

- Joshua Miller, Kickstarter Backer

"My boyfriend and I both really like it. It is just grass fed beef and salt with a fat:protein ratio close to that of a ribeye.... It tastes very similar to pemmican, so if you like pemmican you will like this. However, it has a unique (and wonderful) creamy-crunchy texture. It really grows on you. Some reviewers have compared the texture to crunchy peanut butter, I'd say that's fairly accurate.

Personally this is very appealing to me as a potential meal replacement option when travelling, working, or otherwise in a pinch. Also good emergency/survival food as it is the only meat bar on the market that is shelf stable."

- Reanna Percifield, Kickstarter Backer

"One bar totally covered me for 6 full hours with the long lasting energy I needed to carry on with the day. Which I find quite impressive from a snack bar. First one I've encountered yet that can do that. The only one I know of that can do that.

Something I thought to myself while carrying on with the day and obseriving is why in the hell don't the US Gov't put something like that in our MRE's?

...I think you have a winner here... I really wish I had something like this when I was deployed. And for my needs today of desperately needing good nutrition but needing it fast and without work or time expenditures, it totally filled the bill."

- Gabriel Au Buchon, Kickstarter Backer & Veteran

"Just got to try the new grain finished, salt free Carnivore Bar! It's amazing! It's creamy with a buttery taste and has a crunchy texture like a Nestle crunch bar. LOVE it!"

- Dana Spencer Shute, Zero Carb Health

"I don't know what magic you used to make these bars but they were definitely worth the wait! That texture is wonderful."

- Adrian Lee, Kickstarter Backer

"I am a Kickstarter backer.  Just wanted to congratulate you on making a great product.  It's perfect in a pinch and tastes quite good!  This makes my carnivore lifestyle (2 years and counting) that much easier.  I really don't know how you did it, but thanks for sticking with this and getting it out there for us!"

- George Szrir, Kickstarter Backer

"I received both my Grass-Fed and Grain-Fed Carnivore Bar pre-orders and was very pleased with both! The texture of the bars was perfect, and while the Grain-Fed bars had a slightly better taste, I thought both were delicious. Most importantly though, I'm really happy I now have a shelf-stable carnivore product that I can use while traveling. I'll definitely be making many more purchases in the future. Thanks for creating such great products!"

- James Capron, Kickstarter Backer

"I got my carnivore bars in right before a weekend business trip and I have been incredibly happy with them! It is hard to express how much these have meant for me, even for the short amount of time I have had them, as traveling and staying strict to carnivore can be a pretty major challenge.

I love the texture and flavor, wouldn't change anything about either of those. The packaging, as I see others have mentioned, can be a bit of a pain to open, especially in airports where I don't have any of my knives on me (or even scissors!).

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to getting these bars out to us. I have enjoyed your newsletters documenting the process and the hurdles. I can guarantee you I will be wanting to order more before long!"

- Andy Curry, Kickstarter Backer

"When I ordered these, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.
I really liked it!
It was so easy to eat and I didn’t get hungry for hours! My job is very physical (massage therapist), and I don’t have much time to eat between clients.
I liked the texture and the flavor was really good.
It’s so nice to have something quick and easy and HEALTHY for a change. Who knew there was a shelf stable snack with only 2 ingredients and delicious?!
I’m definitely going to order more.😁!"

- Jennifer Tollefsrud, Kickstarter Backer

"I was excited to try these.  As an athlete I only wish they had MORE protein.  Double the crisp and 30-40g protein.  I add a few slices of homemade jerky to mine today and it was just about right.

Very very very good!!  I look forward to trying one that’s hard from the fridge too."

- Kerrie Montalvan, @thefitcarnivore


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