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Explore articles on ancestral eating, the carnivore diet, regenerative ranching, carnivore diet snacks, and of course, The Carnivore Bar updates.

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Unlocking the Secret to Longevity: The Power of Essential Amino Acids

Unlock the secret to longevity with essential amino acids. Learn about the role of Ammino Acids in optimizing health and preventing disease

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Can you eat just meat for an entire year? Let's find out!

Vilhjalmur Stefansson was a famous arctic explorer whose expeditions are beyond legendary.  He lived with the Inuit and learned to eat & thrive off of their native, Arctic foods. In 1928, Stefansson determined that he was ready for his next challenge.  No,...

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Did you know that McDonald's fries used to be cooked in Beef Tallow?

From 1940 - 1985, McDonald's famous french fries used to be cooked in beef tallow. Everything changed in 1990 when a motivated millionaire pressured them to switch to vegetable oil.

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