Kickstarter Update: Funding & Next Steps

Hi everyone! 

Ok, so I thought I would write up a quick update for you all. The month of the Kickstarter was really uplifting to see that so many people wanted us to succeed. We pushed hard to try and be as responsive as possible on this platform, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. Thank you all for engaging with us and giving us constructive feedback. 

Last week our funds finally dispersed and we paid Kickstarter and Backerkit their fees first thing off the top. We are grateful for both platforms making this a good experience for all of our backers, as a lot of you are first time backers. Thank you! The coming weeks now that we are funded we can actually get started on manufacturing in earnest. The end of last week I finalized the order for t-shirts and we settled on a 50/50 blend at a pretty high quality t-shirt. We hope you'll be happy with them. Those shirts should be out in the mail by the end of May. 

As far as manufacturing the bars, there are a lot of twists and turns ahead but we are diligently pursuing manufacturing and sourcing solutions that will meet our anticipated July deadline. Thank you all for your patience. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pledge. To keep in touch you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

I keep saying thank you, but I feel like I can't say it enough. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey and making this bar a reality.


- Phillip Meece

P.S. Michael Anthony gave a terrific review of The Carnivore Bar that I think you should see. I do not have an affiliate program in place now that Kickstarter has ended. So if you wouldn't mind giving his channel a like I'd appreciate it. He's a great guy and runs a really interesting channel. And this really is the most detailed review we've had to date.

As a contrast, here is Vegetable Police's review; a hilarious but we'll go ahead and call it an unfavorable review. His opinion was just "meh if it gives you energy, then ok." His mother (who does not eat a carnivore/keto diet) hated the bar, and Kasey did a very silly slow-mo montage making fun of it. I still gave his video a thumbs up! I think its funny and love his channel, whether he likes my bar or not. I think this bar could really help him if he ever decided to clean up his diet and be strict again. I mean, putting ketchup on everything is just gross!

What's fun is that these reviews are exactly the same batch of carnivore bars, with very different takes. I hope you like yours. I think the odds are high. But I wanted to give you a fair and balanced update.

This originally appeared on Kickstarter.

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