Kickstarter Update: Thank you - Surveys Coming Soon

Hi everyone!

Thank you for making our project a reality! A few things need to happen before we can kick off production and fulfillment.

First, Kickstarter needs to transfer over the funds so we can purchase everything we need to fulfill the rewards - if any info has changed with your card since you pledged, please update this ASAP! This will help speed along the disbursement process, in turn allowing us to get the equipment we need sooner, in turn allowing your Carnivore Bars to get to you as soon as possible.

Second, we have to find out your shirt sizes (check out our shirts here), bar preferences (check out our bars here), and where to ship your order. We’ll send out a survey via an awesome tool called BackerKit to collect this information. It’s important to respond to your survey as quickly as you can since we need this information in order to fulfill your rewards.

You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. When you receive the email (from with the survey, click the survey link to respond. Answer the questions about your reward preferences, provide shipping information, and purchase add-on items if you like (at special discounted rates for Kickstarter pledgers only!) 

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses at any time before we close the surveys and get our final counts. If you need to review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page.

If you used your Facebook credentials to log in to your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account. If you haven't received your link after a few days (we hope to get them all out by Tuesday, April 16th at the latest) you may also find this FAQ link helpful. 

Thank you! 

- Phillip Meece & Merry Ellen

This originally appeared on Kickstarter.

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