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Kickstarter Update: Merry Christmas

Kickstarter Update: Merry Christmas

The good news is that many of you have gotten your rewards before Christmas! The bad news is that some of you did not... We made, packaged, and shipped as many rewards as we were able to before heading off for Christmas.
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Merry Christmas, Backers!

The good news is that many of you have gotten your rewards before Christmas! The bad news is that some of you did not...we made, packaged, and shipped as many rewards as we were able to before heading off for Christmas. Today Mikey our head chef is spending his Christmas with his newborn baby girl; I am heading to Gran’s house. We will continue our efforts to get your rewards to you tomorrow, to get as many rewards out as possible by the end of the year. We have completed about 75% of our goal and expect to complete the rest by the first two weeks of January.

Unfortunately some of the custom mixed orders of grain- and grass-fed boxes were more time-consuming than we anticipated. It was a really cool idea to allow every order to mix and match but it severely slowed down the packing and shipping process. As we learn what makes sense and what doesn’t, we realize that we need to do some refinement in how we package and order the boxes. We really felt strongly about giving you all 12 bars instead of 10 for the presentation, but that change created issues with shipping and box dimensions. We are getting better at this every day and as a result shipping cost should go down because of these changes. We will take these lessons learned, and apply them to our new website. 

Additionally, we are aware our super-strong wrapper is a little too strong, and a bit difficult to open. We have already ordered replacements, with the same oxygen and moisture barrier, but easier to open.

Anecdotally some of our feedback is that the grain-fed bars are really tasty especially to the folks who are just starting out on their low carb journey as they have a more conventional taste. Here’s a young carnivore’s opinion:

RawMeatRoy - A Carnivore Bar Review

Merry Ellen and I continue to prefer the grass-fed since we’ve been eating that for many years, but we are excited to serve every variant to our zero carb community.

Here are some reviews that we’ve captured!

If you’d like to add a review we’d love to show the world what people are saying. Your opinions matter to us. If you have constructive criticism we’d love to hear that too. We want to make something for the community that is here for the long haul. We aren’t trying to just wow everyone with a flashy idea and a sales pitch. We want to be a reliable go-to for years to come. As a community we really needed a portable high-fat all-meat product with nothing toxic in it. And we’re thrilled that more meat companies are popping up. 

We’re seeking to fill a huge need for ourselves and the community. We’re so grateful that you all felt like it was something worth waiting for and backing the development of. Our hope is that it will be a constant tool for us all to go where we want to go, without limitations or boundaries. We can travel anywhere, do anything we want to do, without having to worry about being hungry. I for one hate being stuck somewhere where I have to involuntarily fast. I’ve been working on extending my fasting but sometimes when I’m stressed out, that’s just not the best option for me. It’s so great to have a backup that doesn’t require any food prep and that I can take with me on the go. I hope you find them as tasty and as useful as I dreamed they could be. I’d love to have the privilege to continue making this product for you as long as I can. Our Carnivore Family and extended relations (keto, paleo, low carb) are what has kept us from giving up. You are why we are fighting so hard to make this a reality. Thank you for everything.

Merry Christmas!

- Phillip Meece

P.S. We would like to shout out Carnivore Snax, a really cool idea by a fellow carnivore @biohacking.chick. They are trying to make a high fat jerky, that would be a dream come true. We wish them the best. I think we Carnivores can overturn the nutritionally bankrupt environment that is the status quo; we will support any carnivore who is in it for the right reasons.

This originally appeared on Kickstarter.

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