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The place for honey in the world of carnivore and ancestral ways of eating is not black and white – the hot topic debate that requires an in-depth analysis and an individual’s unique conclusion on the subject. Whether you’re on a carnivore diet, a paleo diet, or an animal-based diet, the ultimate goal comes down to eating the way our ancestors did. 

Perspectives on the place for honey in this diet usually coincide with what an individual is looking to achieve (the goals outlined above), so we’ve explored some popular takes in this latest read.

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Everyone and everything from the Green New Deal Guidelines singling out red meat as a major climate change culprit, to world-renowned body-builder and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger’s claiming his plant-based diet is the best thing for his health, it seems that raising and eating less meat is the way forward.

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As a part of our latest Kickstarter, The Carnivore Bar is coming out with a new bar made with raw honey!

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We have had a lot of opportunities to grow and to learn this month. Fans of Jocko Willink will understand what I mean by that. 

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