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Is The Food Supply Poisoning Us?

Discover the truth about being poisoned and how you can choose to be the antidote with this thought-provoking writing from the Carnivore Bar Family.
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The answer is yes. Most definitely, but you can choose to be the antidote.

Hey Carnivore Bar Family. Today's writing is inspired by this Twitter post we came across:

After taking a few seconds to read it, here is our response:

I don't mean to sound doom & gloom, but our food system is legitimately poisoning us. Refined grains, seed oils, and sugars in nearly every product are always at arm's length. This isn't "Food." It's a "Food-like Substance."

Since writing this, we have been struggling with this fundamental question:

Is our modern food supply poisoning us?

There is part of our brain that wants to say no. We almost want to believe the lies our government and nutritional guidelines tell us.

But then we start to run the numbers, which are hard to ignore. Here are a few pieces of information that we consistently go back to:

Of course, correlation does not equal causation. But there is no arguing that we are unhealthier than in any period in recorded history and are eating too many foods that did not exist during any other period of history. It is a straightforward problem & solution.

  • We no longer eat Real Foods; we eat food-like substances.
  • Real Foods are meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Food-Like Substances are made in a lab, have more than a few ingredients, and did not exist 100 years ago
  • Food-Like substances are everywhere we go gas stations, airports, vending machines, schools, inner isles of the grocery store, etc.
  • The most prominent companies that make food-like substances are publicly-traded, meaning they have an obligation to shareholders and the customer
  • Real Foods like red meat are being blamed for what Food-like substances are doing to us - increased inflammation, oxidative stress, obesity, hypertension, increased stress, etc.
  • We need to be eating more Real Foods & cooking all of our meals

Now we understand that this is a very simplified approach, but often simple works best. When you walk around an airport and take inventory, it's hard to argue that we are not being poisoned.

Mcdonald's, Donut Shops, Pringles & Cheez- It's being sold at the bookstores, and Coca-Cola vending machines every 20 yards. It's everywhere. 

When you come awake to what real food is, you realize that you are flooded with toxic waste in the form of "food" with literally nothing to eat that fits your plan.

It's easy to read some of this and get discouraged. That is not our intention at all. We are setting the stage for the situation we are currently in. We are identifying the problem here.

Now we can ruthlessly push back with the solution. Do not give in to these fake foods. Do not let these companies, who are poisoning you, have your dollar.


Cook all of your meals with passion.

Eat the most delicious natural foods you can.

Share your meals with your beautiful family and friends.

Exercise vigorously every single day.

Smile often.

Pack snacks like The Carnivore Bar that help you accomplish your goals when traveling. We have intentionally crafted these bars with natural ingredients:

  1. Beef
  2. Tallow
  3. Honey
  4. Salt

It doesn't get cleaner than that!

Vote with your food choices

Vote for the system you want, and cast your vote every damn day. 

Fight back against the poison. Choose to be the antidote.

Stay well,

The Carnivore Bar Team 


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