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The War For Our Children's Food

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We will keep fighting the plant-based dogma being pushed on children and parents.

The war for our food continues to rage on, with New York City public schools being the focal point of it all.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams & NYC Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor David C. Banks just announced the launch of New York City’s First ever “Chefs Council.”

chef's council list

This council aims to teach students at a young age to “eat healthy, nutritious meals” to “set them up for success.”

Rachel Ray and numerous other well-known chefs will chair the council. The Chef’s Council will develop over 100 “scratch-cooked, plant-based, and culturally relevant recipes,” which will be rolled out onto public school lunch menus across the city.

Here are a few of the other chefs that will make up this council:

You can’t make this [enter a string of expletives here] up at this point. We are eternal optimists here at The Carnivore Bar. We genuinely believe that the truth always wins out in the end.

However, we are up against a storm of nutritional misinformation, propaganda, and dogmatic practices that objectively steer people towards worse and worse health.

Mayor Adams continues pushing his plant-based dietary preferences on our children. In 2021, Mayor Adams implemented Meatless Mondays for all NYC public schools. When that wasn’t enough, he implemented Vegan Fridays in February 2022. 

NYC Children will now be deprived of animal protein for 40% of their meals being served in school. Remember that many children depend on school lunches as their primary food source. The meals look genuinely appalling, as evidenced below:

Seed oils, refined grains, sugar, and glyphosate-sprayed vegetables - nothing of actual nutritional value.

This is what our children are being served:

this is food?

Looking at this picture, it is tough not to have your blood boil. Imagine trying to focus during algebra after eating this glorified rabbit food.

We have no issue with Mayor Adams choosing to be plant-based. However, we have a problem with the Mayor pushing his dietary preferences on the public and forcefully depriving our children of the right to receive animal protein.

Many studies show how vital the bioavailable nutrients from animal-sourced foods are for cognitive development (Iron, Zinc, Iodine, B12, Riboflavin, etc.).

What are the long-term last effects of this?

To top it off, Mayor Adams revealed that he “occasionally eats fish.” This is a common theme amongst many “vegan elites” that most do not know about.

They will incorporate just enough animal protein throughout the month to correct the micronutrient deficiencies they may have on a plant-based diet.

It’s time to wake up: not for ourselves - for our children. We have a right to Real Food as God & Nature intended. No governing body has the right to deprive you of that. Arm yourselves with information. Share relevant podcastsbooks, and documentaries.

If we don’t speak up, what we see in NYC will be replicated far & wide sooner than you think.

We are committed here at The Carnivore Bar to providing you and your children with nutrient-dense natural foods you can send to school. Beef, fat, salt, and honey. Natural Foods as God & Nature intended.

We will never stop fighting on your behalf.

Stay well & be healthy,

The Carnivore Bar Team

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