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The Carnivore Bar Composition

Kickstarter Update: The Structure of Value

We’ve experienced some delays in our production schedule as you all are aware. However a break down of what we’ve been doing and our timeline might be helpful for evaluating whether or not you think that’s a good or bad thing. 
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First let's talk about the structure of our timeline.

We’ve experienced some delays in our production schedule as you all are aware. However a break down of what we’ve been doing and our timeline might be helpful for evaluating whether or not you think that’s a good or bad thing. 

Carnivore Bar Production Timeline

All things considered, our project is doing well, it just turns out the product that our community wants, is more demanding than we originally anticipated. We want to deliver a product that is outstanding. The goals of this product are ground breaking in many categories and it just takes longer than anticipated to do something that's never been done before.

Secondly let's talk about the structure of texture.

The Carnivore Bar Composition Trials

  • Sample A is almost perfect. It’s crunchy and flavorful while not hitting you over the head with the fat. This version was born during this delay, and only a handful of people have gotten to try it so far. I’m extremely excited to share with you. This is something I can be proud of. And it’s the kind of product that you’ll actually want to reorder.
  • Sample B is great, but the tallow floated to the top and made a layer of icing. It’s tolerable but not ideal.
  • Sample C is well mixed but too mealy. This is what most of our influencers got as samples. It’s a little lacking as far as texture goes. It was especially challenging to the palettes of those who have eaten Standard American Diets or haven’t ever tried a high fat food. We put out what we had, but the standard for free sample is much lower in my book, than goods that are paid for. I can make food for free that’s passing, but not great. However as soon as I take money for something I feel like it needs to be excellent. Hardcore carnivores know that even the worst of these its a huge improvement over pemmican, but low carbers think its only barely tolerable. Uninitiated react like vegetable police’s mom.
  • Sample D is a hot mess. Way too soft, the tallow got sort of whipped when mixing by using too much velocity. Additionally the tallow got a touch too hot as well so it tastes a little scorched as well. Just wholly a failure as we often learned the hard way, what not to do. 

Funny enough, all of these have identical ingredients and near identical ratios of fat and protein, yet are completely different in taste and texture. 

Failed Carnivore Bar Trial

This was was one of our intermediate prototypes that failed. This one was oxidized (like from normal air) High Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (like Omega 3) are extremely vulnerable to temperature and exposure to oxygen. We've covered this in previous updates.

Thirdly, let's talk about the structure of our values and what it means to create a product that people will find valuable. How are we creating value?

The Carnivore Bar Values and Objectives

  • Freedom of movement: I need to get out of making pemmican in my kitchen every weekend. In order to do so I need a product which is:
  • Satiating: High Fat, Zero Carb, Quality Protein
  • Shelf Stable: No need to meal prep, because who has time?
  • No Preservatives: None at all, because I don’t know what’s safe.
  • Tastes Good: Passing the average person taste test
  • Sustainability: We need to make this a successful business so we can keep doing this long term. If you’re not enjoying a lasting freedom then you’re not really experiencing freedom. It’s important that we are profitable enough to maintain growth, and meet the expanding demand for this product.

Bottom Line: If we don’t make something that an average low carber would want, then we don’t have a sustainable business model that can support hardcore carnivores over time. Check out more on our sourcing here!

In conclusion:

We should have a dramatically improved production capacity now that we are starting with a fresh batch. We have hired labor to assist in manufacturing now that the process is more finalized. So we estimate that we’ll have these bars out by the end of the year. We’ve messed up before in setting impossible timelines for ourselves, so we’re going to set a conservative target. But I’m looking at starting shipping as soon as is humanly possible.

And….. Bonus!!!

Introducing Hedgewood Inc. as a new Carnivore Bar partner.

Because of all of you, we’ve managed to attract an incredible investor, Hedgewood Inc., which happens to be led by a hardcore carnivore. They are going to not only going to cover the cost of our small mishap, but also provide the remaining funds and logistical support needed to scale up this business for the long term.

You all are the reason that these investors gave us the time of day. You absolutely blew us away with your support and engagement. That the carnivore movement and the surrounding LCHF community are exploding with enthusiasm for the health that is possible through diet and lifestyle changes right now, and it is inspiring! The support for this zero carb bar among those groups, reveals that the need and demand for this product and others like it, isn't met. And that is priceless!

I can’t emphasize enough how much I’m in your debt. I don’t know exactly what I expected but I didn’t count on how many genuine and authentic connections I’d make in this community through this project. You all made me realize that my simple selfish wish to not have to make pemmican in my kitchen every weekend was only the beginning. This Carnivore movement and the overall larger low carb community are like a giant family. I was extremely touched by everyone’s interest in this project. Because of your support and attention, you’ve legitimized the core concept behind this company. You’re the market that has given investors the rationale for investing in this crazy dream and bringing something like this into existence. You’ve willed us into being through your belief. Thank You!

Hedgewood Inc. Companies

Now that we are funded, staffed, and we’ve got a new and improved version of the bar to send you, I think we really have a fighting chance. I can’t thank you enough for all your support. You’ve given me something greater to fight for than just myself, something I consider truly meaningful. I am more motivated than ever to deliver a product that is exactly what you’ve been asking for. A zero carb whole food product, that is a safe haven in an otherwise nutritionally barren world. I hope it delivers the freedom I dreamed of for myself, for all of us.

- Phillip Meece

This originally appeared on Kickstarter.

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