Kickstarter Update: Answers to popular questions.

Why is this bar different from Pemmican?

  • Better texture, like a crunchy granola bar made of meat.
  • Shelf Stable with a higher quality preservation of nutrients.
  • Solid and bar form at room temperature (not soft). And therefore not a mess!

Ultimately we are not sad we are getting this question a lot. Pemmican is great and is a terrific 16th century food. We are trying to modernize and bring the same idea up to date with better processing and care. So you can have ancient nutrition with the convenience of modern life.

How much does each bar/box cost?

Each Carnivore Bar comes out to 5 dollars so a Carnivore Box (20 bars) will currently cost 100 dollars. We'd love to bring this price down as much as humanly possible. Doing this Kickstarter is all about bringing the cost down by scaling up the production of this bar. We are our own first customers, and we want to be able to afford this bar. We quickly learned that we would need help going forward with that aim. That's why we launched this project.

What's in each Bar?

A lot of meat gets condensed into each bar. Each bar contains the equivalent of an 6oz Ribeye steak with 80 percent of the calories from fat and 20 percent of the calories from protein. So basically 5 dollars for a steak you can put in your pocket and take with you anywhere. 

Each bar is slightly more protein than fat by volume, giving the bar a delightful crunch that we've engineered mechanically, without having to add anything chemical or unnatural that might upset our digestion.

The weight of each bar is roughly 65 grams. The Macros are 80/20 fat to protein and it will be a high calorie bar approximately 300 calories, so pretty close to a meal replacement.  

If there's any other questions we'd be happy to answer them. Thank you for your support!



This post originally appeared on Kickstarter.

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